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Doris Savard           Original Works

Prices include framing unless specified otherwise.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40"
$2,265  Framed   BVS


Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 48"


Mixed media on Canvas, 48" x 48"
$3,870  Framed   BVS


Mixed media on Canvas, 36" x 60"


"La vie la vie"
Mixed media on Canvas, 16" x 60"
$2,120  Framed   BVS


"Crossing Roads"
Mixed media on Canvas, 48" x 12"
$1,575  Framed   BVS


Mixed media on Canvas, 48" x 60"
$4,510  Framed   BVS


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Doris Savard  

Born in the province of Quebec, Doris lives and works in Montreal. She studied Fine art at Bishop's University from 2001-2003 where she earned her Visual Art Certificate , and also studied at Les Ateliers d'Art Seymour Segal for workshops on collage, transformation, and painting. In the early 90's, Doris attended Academie des Beaux Arts Sylvia Araya in Quebec to study drawing, pastel and oil painting. Doris has been focusing on her art on a full time basis since 1999.

Doris is represented by various galleries throughout Canada. She is a well-established Canadian artist with a growing reputation in Europe and the United States. Her art is collected around the world both in private and public collections. She is also a member of the RAAV in Québec.


“My personal search is profoundly linked to colour. Rich, vibrant and pure my palette is particularly fauve. Even though I am constantly concerned with composition and harmony, energy, spontaneity, sensuality and passion are emotions, which are omnipresent in my paintings. I paint from within, which allows me to fully express my own true colours.”

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Location Codes:

 BVS   - Downtown Bow Valley Square 3
             (+15 level)
 BVC   - Downtown Bow Valley Club
             (+30 level)
 PGC   - Pinebrook Golf and
             Country Club
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